About Us

It started as one of the first gas stations in Somerville, MA. Then, two brothers came along in the 1970's and it became an auto repair shop that they ran for close to 30 years.

They also had a good mechanic, Luis Lein, that came to work for them in December 1978. He obtained a lot of experience and honed his skills. He worked very hard for the brothers for 21 years hoping that, one day, he could own his own place.


Finally in February 2000 Luis made his dream come true. He now owns his own auto repair shop called Leins Auto Repair.

Need new breaks, driving with a bad transmission, electrical problem, or just need a check up? Our trained mechanics will gladly diagnose the vehicle, find the problem and fix your car in the most efficient and affordable fashion.

Luis has 30 years experience working with new cars, has a used car license, and specializes in repairing Volkswagen vehicles.

Leins Auto Repair is rated a Recommended Repair Shop in Massachusetts by Vanagon.com, a respected leader in the The Vanagon and EuroVan community.