Welcome to Leins Auto Repair

Leins Auto Repair is a complete automotive repair facility servicing both foreign and domestic cars. Leins Auto Repair specializes in repairing Volkswagen vehicles and can handle all of your automotive needs from oil changes, alignments, and tune ups to diagnosing causes for the Check Engine, ABS/Brake, Transmission, and Service warning lights being illuminated on your dash.

Leins Auto Repair also speaks different languages:
Spanish, Portuguese, Italian and English.

Who We Are

We are one of the few shops in the area that specializes in repairing Volkswagen vehicles, carries a full line of electronic diagnostic machines. Almost all cars on the road today have computers in them that control everything from emissions, fuel consumption, performance, suspension, braking, safety, and even the climate control. In order to properly diagnose problems in these systems a repair shop must carry the proper electronic diagnostic tools. These tools are expensive and most shops do not have them for this reason, in fact shops that do not have these tools often bring their customers cars to us in order to run the diagnostics. The next time you see the Check Engine, Emissions, ABS/Brake, Transmission, or Service light lit up on your dashboard give us a call we have the proper equipment and the properly trained technicians to quickly diagnose your problem and get you on your way.